Fashion Feng Shui

You are likely to lead a busy life, you might hate shopping and fashion is not your top priority or quite the opposite, you do have an eye for fashion. Whether dressing to flatter your appearance, lift your mood or mirror your mood, what you wear is the most intimate part of your home that you take outside with you.

Fashion Feng Shui is an innovative approach to styling with a focus on wardrobe wellness. Its driving force is harmony between our spiritual, mental and physical essence, which can be facilitated by dressing with intention.

Conscious dressing requires some questions:
How do I want to feel in what I am wearing?
Does my outfit make me feel happy?
What is my intention?

In summary, there are five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Typically, we are influenced by two, each one having a specific archetype persona, characteristics and traits.

The Water intention is to be; it is reflective. Water people are creative and unorthodox. Water people tend to be academics, artists, healers, musicians, scientists and writers. Water element clothing incorporates dark colours, abstract patterns and flowing lines.

Wood intention is to “do, thus action, ambition and motivation are their driving force. Wood people tend to be athletes, coaches, lawyers, brokers, salesmen or trainers. Wood element clothing includes blues and greens, vertical patterns and natural fabrics.

Fire intention is excitement and joy. Fire people are bubbly and charismatic. Fire people tend to be into acting, PR, modelling and dancing professions. Fire element clothing incorporates reds and purples, eye-catching details and body-conscious fabrics from lace, leather, denim to feathers and costume jewellery.

Earth intention is to nurture; being practical and caring for others is the priority. Earth people tend to be into caring professions such as mothers, nurses, therapists and teachers. They are committed caregivers (often prioritise others over themselves). Earth element clothing includes yellows, browns and earthy tones, square patterns and woven textures.

Metal element’s intention is to refine, organisation and elegance are their driving force. Metal people tend to be analysts, curators, editors, statesmen and organisers. They are cultivated. Metal element clothing includes whites, pastels and metallic colours, rounded patterns and shimmering textures.
This approach to styling has allowed me to understand who I am at the core, to evolve my style accordingly, to let my inner rebel shine bright with the ability to alter my clothing to attract other energies.