First of all, I congratulate you on stepping into fresh, handmade and natural cosmetics!

Thank you for getting our help on your new journey.

You may be a little nervous to see if you can make it.
This is a very normal feeling that your brain feels when starting a new task so that it can adapt better.

Now take a deep breath and enjoy the task.

Why you should enjoy the task ?

Because I have handled all the stresfull part for you ! Choosing, finding and scaling the ingredients to reach the right product texture and effect. 

I met hundereds of people who are interested in natural skincare and they attended my workshops, my trainings and my webinars. As I observed, for a new beginner the most stressfull part of the DIY cosmetics is handling (choosing, buying, scaling!) the ingredients. The most pleasent part of the DIY cosmetics is the experience of making a functional product that you can actually use it!

The process is specially designed for you to both gain a new skill and feel the satisfaction of achievement of a task.

The box in your hand is offer you both an experience and a fresh, handmade, natural cosmetic product.

Isn't it great

Let's get started, shall we ?


Step 1: Getting know the ingredients



Here is the box!


Let's open it!







What do you need to provide from home to make Gentle Oil Cleanser ?

  • Clean, dry heat resistant mixing bowl or beaker


  • Clean, dry stirring rod.


  • A double boiler

How to set up a simple double boiler?

All you need to have a stainless steel souce pan, water and heater. 

Fill the souce pan 2-3 cm water and put on the heater. Wait untill it boils. When it boils decrease the heat to a medium level. Asure that the bottles don't float on the water, they should stand still to avoid topple.


   That is how a simple double boiler look like!


Step 2 : How to Make it

  1- Add Candelila Wax in to the heat resistant       beaker or mixing bowl.

  2- Next add Emulsifying Wax.

  3- Then Cocoa Butter

  4- Solids are here!

   5- Bring the Shea Butter to the double boiler to melt with the solid mixture.
  6- Place the Shea Butter and heat resistant beaker  in the double boiler which is operating at a medium heath level.
   7- Wait for all the solid pieces to melt. Take away      the bottle and container from the heater as soon as they are melted.
   8- After the double boiler Shea Butter and the mixture should turn in liquid.
  9- Pour the Shea Butter over the mixture.
  10- Stir the mixture very well.
   11- It's time to add Apricot Kernel Oil.
   12- Next Castor Oil.
 13- Castor Oil is a thick oil. Please wait untill it all flows
  14- Next add Vitamin E
  15- Stir slowly and well
  16- It's time to pour the mixture into its container.
  17- You should have seven containers.
  18- You should pour before all the mixture gets hard.
  19- Fill all the containers.
 20- Your Lip Balm is ready!
  21 - Hope you will enjoy to use them!

You can use it when it comes to room temperature.

The balm gets the best consistency after 24 hours.


Step 3: How to Use it 

You can use Lip Balm on a cracked and dry lips.

Take a small amount of balm on your finger. Put on your lips and rub gently until covered with balm.  Avoid to apply eye area.


Hope you like the experience of making your own Softening Balm.

And hope you will love to use your lip balm as well.

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Hope you see soon!