Venue Owners

Dear Venue Owner;

Would you like to make natural cosmetics make and take workshops at your venue? Or you may be running an existing natural cosmetics workshop and want to add some different concepts. 

In its 2017 Beauty Trends Report, Google has highlighted that DIY beauty is a dominating trend in 2018. According to its findings, the term ‘DIY beauty’ searches grew by 38%. This means people tend to make their beauty products from reliable suppliers at their homes. The trend is closely linked to consumer appetite for personalized beauty.

The biggest misconception with DIYers is that they are solely driven by the desire to save money. Although saving money does play a factor, surveys show that only 39% of DIYers are DIYing specifically to save money. People are being driven to do DIY projects because they feel like they can handle the task and just because they enjoy the product. Personalization is the other significant factor of doing things with your own.


I have been providing natural cosmetics make & take workshops for more than one year because of trends which I tried to explain before. I am originally a pharmacist, an aromatherapist, and a natural cosmetic formulator. I have a niche natural cosmetic brand based on a philosophy that transparency, participation, and sharing. I have been encouraging people to use natural cosmetics and even make their personal-sized natural cosmetic products in their homes.



I mainly provide three kinds of workshops which are skincare, body care, and aromatherapy for every day.  

I offer practical and safe recipes with all-natural ingredients. These workshops may vary depending on the venue owners requests, time, and budget. The concepts may vary depending on your imagination such as handcare, footcare or bath bombs or soap making. 


For instance, at skincare workshops, participants prepare face cleanser, toner, and a balm or oil serum. At body care workshops participants make a salt scrub, a deodorant, a lip balm, and a hand balm. Aromatherapy workshops aim to use essential oils in everyday mood problems. In this workshop, participants prepare a mood booster or a sleep helper, or an immune-stimulant or a focus improver. 


What do I provide

  • Theoretical knowledge before and during the workshop
  • Informative and instructional sheets about the concept of that workshop. These sheets contain formulas which can functional after the workshop.
  • Suppliers list for further tasks.
  • All the ingredients such as oils, infusions, extracts, floral waters, essential oils,
  • All the laboratory equipment such as beakers, spatulas, glass baguettes, mini electronic scales, if necessary a heater.
  • All the packaging equipment such as cream jars, glass bottles, labels and carrying bags.


What do I demand

A nice and peaceful working ambiance for me and all attendants. A big table and chairs. A top cover for wooden tables would be protective. Some healthy snacks and hot drinks would be amazing, but it is not necessary. 


About progress

First of all, greetings.


I started the workshop with some general information about natural cosmetics and natural ingredients. This two steps will take about 20 minutes depending on the number of participants.


Then I started to go further with products. Before preparing the product, I explain bullet points which are “Why do we need this product ?”, “What is the advantage of preparing this product?” , “Why do we need to place this product in our care routine?”. 


I do emphasize the safety issues and safety limits about this product which is very important to me. Then I introduce the ingredients and help people to determine their needs. After a short demonstration, all the participants start to make their beauty products. It takes fifteen minutes to half an hour, depending on the number of participants. 

Each product preparation will take fifteen minutes to half an hour. So the product number is essential to plan the duration of the workshop.  



 The final agreement with the venue owner

In each workshop; I and owner of the venue make a meeting (in person or online) and decide about the date, duration time, budget, number of attendants, and the product variety.

After the meeting, I send an operation plan and price proposal for the selected products. 

For further information please e-mail me about your interest.