Natural Cosmetic Formulation and Branding Course
Natural Cosmetic Formulation and Branding Course
Natural Cosmetic Formulation and Branding Course

Natural Cosmetic Formulation and Branding Course

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Who Is This Course For?

✓ Do you want to be a real COSMETIC BRAND that produces, markets and sells Natural Cosmetic Products?

This tutorial is perfect for you! Effective, safe product formulations that your customers will love, production of these formulations, quality control tests, branding, marketing, GMP (good manufacturing practices), product production principles suitable for foreign markets, Turkish and European Union legal regulations, product notifications, company establishment and license processes Entrepreneurs or entrepreneur candidates who want to become a master can establish their dream business without wasting time and money with this training.

✓Do you think you might want to sell natural cosmetics in the future, if not now?

This tutorial covers all the information for you. With this training, you will be able to start with correct and applicable information and techniques to draw your roadmap, and progress by improving your skills and knowledge.

✓You already have a boutique brand and want to revise your formulas?

If you want to refresh your product range, learn more about legal regulations, GMP and branding and can't decide where to start, this training is suitable for you.

✓Do you want to operate your existing boutique brand in accordance with the legislation?

In each module of the training, there is a lot of information on how to prepare products in accordance with the legal regulations of both Turkey and the European Union and how to manage these processes. In addition, since the two modules are only devoted to GMP and Legal Legislation, you will be able to make your transition process as fast and effortless as possible.

✓Want to create your own formulas instead of being a recipe follower?

At the end of this training, which includes information about the logic, rules and requirements of formulating and many practical applications, you will be able to design your own formulas.

✓Are you tired of spending a fortune on cosmetic products and want to make your own products with clean ingredients?

If you want to make amazing natural, organic and non-toxic products for yourself, your friends and family using tried and tested formulas (and adapting them to suit your preferences), this course is for you.

*"Natural Cosmetics Workshop" is The Pharmacist Lab 's sub-brand for trainings, DIY workshops, natural oils and raw materials.

*Natural Cosmetics Workshop is operated with the quality assurance of the The Pharmacist Lab brand. Your certificates will be prepared by the The Pharmacist Lab brand.


What Does the Course Include for Me?

✓ 110 hours of training consisting of 16 modules of theoretical and practical lessons.

✓ 3 hour project session at the end of the training.

✓ Opportunity to participate in education from anywhere in the world with online platforms. (For those who will attend the training from abroad, please send a message to so that they can make purchases on our UK website)

✓At the end of each module, sessions with two active brand owners, one abroad and one active in the country, accompanied by a pharmacist trainer, and interactive lessons with the participants.

✓Progress in accordance with the curriculum and an efficient education process with the weekly progressing program.

✓Sending the recorded and written training material to the participants by e-mail at the beginning of each module.

✓ Sending the formula files to the participants by e-mail.

✓Sharing reference books related to education with the participants during the training.

✓ Equipment, materials, raw materials and packaging kits prepared to be given to the trainees. The material kit is not included in the tuition fee. Those who want to procure please send a message to the e-mail address LATEST until the end of Module 2. 2. We remind you that orders placed after the end of the module may not reach the beginning of the applied modules.

✓ Providing easy access to the materials with special discount codes to be given to the training participants for the DIY kits available in our online store.

✓ Opportunity to join The Pharmacist Lab Power Team and training groups at the end of our mutual meetings at the end of the training.


What will I have learned at the end of the course?

✓You will be able to create healthy, safe and effective natural skin care products that do not contain petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic fragrances, preservatives and parabens.

✓You will understand the key properties and benefits of a wide variety of raw materials, including fixed oils, essential oils, vegetable fats, waxes and much more.

✓ You will understand the main properties and benefits of essential oils for skin types. You will also learn how to use essential oils safely.

✓Learn the role of preservatives, antioxidants and emulsifiers; You will decide when you need to use it and you will be able to use it.

✓You will be able to adapt your prescriptions according to skin types, problems and your own preferences.

✓You will be sure of your new knowledge and skills and you will be more confident in yourself.

✓You will have information about the principles of branding, the design of your production area and legal regulations in order to move your work forward.

✓ Participants who have purchased the entire training will be entitled to receive a course participation certificate approved by our training and consultancy company in England at the end of the course.


How long will the course take?

✓ The training lasts 17 weeks.

✓ Modules are opened on a weekly basis and we progress by following this program.

Course dates?

Start of Training: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

End of Training: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2023


How will education progress?

•Training starts every Friday morning with the delivery of that week's training video, training notes and formulas to you.

•You have seven days to work with the training materials according to your own schedule and availability. On the following Wednesday evening, an online session is held with the training participants via Zoom with your questions, problems, comments and contributions that you have noted as a result of the training materials and your studies. Online session duration is 90 minutes.

•At the end of the module, the lesson and application video of the module that is logged in is closed at the end of 4 weeks. So you have 4 weeks in total to review the old module. Unfortunately, it is not possible to open the modules to watch again outside this period.

• There is no repetition, retrospective application and recording of the Zoom session. You do not have to attend the Zoom session, but try not to miss it to reinforce your studies.

• It is important for your efficiency to carry out your studies together with the training calendar.

•To get your certificate, you need to attend the project session or send your project file to us. When you are unable to attend the session or submit your project file, you can make up for it by attending the next training's project session.


Module 1:
The structure of the skin and why does the skin need natural cosmetics?

Module 2:
What are basic cosmetic formulation and chemical principals?

Module 3:
How is safe cosmetic product formulation and production? What tests are required for my products?

Module 4:
How do I use essential (essential) oils in cosmetic products effectively and safely?

Module 5:
How do I ensure that my natural cosmetics are both effective and smells good?

Module 6:
How and on what basis should I choose fixed oils in my natural cosmetics?

Module 7:
How should the ideal skin cleansing be? Clenaser formulations

Module 8:
Why is toning the skin (use of tonic) important? Toner formullations

Module 9:
How to prepare oil based products to nourish the skin? Oil based products formullations

Module 10:
Why are emulsion creams necessary when moisturizing the skin? Emulsion formullations

Module 11:

What are the weekly treatments applied to the skin? Mask and Peeling formullations

Module 12:
What is the structure and anatomy of the hair? How are hair care products prepared? Shampoo and Conditioner formullations

Module 13:
How should hand, feet and body care ? Hand, feet, body care formullations

Module 14:
How do I design my production area? Good manufacturing practices procedures to be applied in production, storage, shipping and post-sales?

Module 15:
What are my legal obligations before I release my formulas?

Module 16:
How do I build a brand from my formulas and build a solid cosmetics business for my future?


Prepares at least one of the formulations decided by the participants some time after the end of the modules (a date is determined by the joint decision of the participants).

•Participants share their experiences about the purpose of preparation of the formulation prepared in the session, the preparation process and the final product.

•At the end of this session, in which questions about the process will be answered at the end of the training, the training process is completed.

•After the project session, participation certificates will be sent to the participants.